Raindrops Keep Falling on the Set

We’ve sure been busy shooting Month of the Novel! Monday and Tuesday were our most recent shooting days, and then we spent Wednesday tidying up odds and ends. Today is kind of a day off, so I’m finally getting a chance to tell you about our progress.

Monday was a half day, but it felt like a whole day. We shot the first episode in the hot, hot, hot sun. Some of us roasted, I think. But we got it all shot and it turned out better than we’d planned (this is a plus). That put us at three episodes shot in two shooting days.

The cast and crew prepare for the next take

The crew does what it does best

The cast does what it does best

Then came Tuesday. It started with the arrival of one of the writers from the show. She got to hang out on the set for the day! That was loads of fun.

We spent the first half of our shoot on one episode, which turned out really well. There was a chance of rain for the afternoon, so we looked at the sky, looked at the time, and decided we would try to shoot one more episode.

We set off for the location and found it to be a perfect spot. We started shooting.

Rebekah adds some flowers to the location

Blocking the scene

Getting ready for the next scene

It started dripping. Luckily, this script called for storm clouds, so we grabbed that shot while we were able. The rain was really light, only a few drips here and there, so we kept on shooting.

And then… With only two or three shots left to go, BOOM! Lightning, thunder, torrential downpour! And there we were in the middle of a pasture rolling camera and getting drenched!

We packed up in record time and dashed back to a building on the property. But not before everybody was soaked.

We got soaked!

So we dried off as best we could, waited for the rain to let up a bit, then ran for the car and went home with those couple of shots still left to do.

The happy ending to this story is that our visiting writer was unperturbed by all this and stayed on for some of Wednesday, too.

And none of the equipment or costumes got ruined by the downpour. As for the people… You’ll just have to make up your own ending for that one.

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