That’s a Wrap!

On Friday, we finished up what was rained on before. That is, we shot what we were about to shoot when we got drenched. Just a few shots.

Ben and Sarah wait for the shooting to start

It took longer than we’d expected because a group of curious horses wanted to investigate our equipment.

A horse investigates our set

Eventually we came to an understanding with them and they let us shoot the episode.

Ruth explains things to the horse

Yesterday was our final day of shooting for Month of the Novel. We had been scrambling to find a good place to shoot an episode involving an imposing brick wall, and in a whirlwind of activity, we both found the wall and shot at it yesterday.

First, Rebekah, Ruth, and I went out to scout the wall. We were thrilled by the location, so we made plans to return later in the afternoon with the cast and crew in tow.

That afternoon, we headed out to the set, only to discover that some key equipment had been left behind. While Ruth went back for it, we raked leaves and did various setup things.

And then things pretty much went smoothly after that. Our opening shot used a camera stabilizer rig, so it took us a little bit to get the coordination right, and we were interrupted by a barking dog a couple times, but we finally got it right and it couldn’t be better!

Shooting at the brick wall

We did the rest of the shooting and headed back to import the footage before we called it a wrap. Ruth and I got the footage in, I geeked out over how cool it was, and we happily declared shooting wrapped.

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9 comments on “That’s a Wrap!

  1. Yeah, you did not tell us you had horses available! I’m really excited that it’s finished. I really wish i could have made it for the filming. Jordan, would it be possible to get posed pictures of each of the cast members in costume along with short character Bios for the website? Just a thought.

    • We do have character photos for everyone, but we don’t have bios written. We’d need to write bios and do some processing on the photos. Right now it’s feeling more likely that that won’t happen just because of the time crunch we’re on to get the first episode up on the right day.

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