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Short things that didn’t need their own long article

This is really more of a chuckle than anything else. During the Super Bowl, I saw a trailer for Dreamworks’ new Monsters vs. Aliens movie. Well, one of the monsters is a big blue blob who proclaims that his name … Read More

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Okay, calm down. LEGO has not released a camera rig kit. But somebody has built a rig out of LEGO for a stop-motion movie. Very cool.

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It’s almost Halloween, which means that prop swords are on sale everywhere. Amazon in particular has a large selection of prop plastic swords. You might also want to check local stores in your area for good deals. Local stores don’t … Read More

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Phil Vischer (of Veggie-Tales fame) has announced a very cool new idea: JellyTelly. Go check it out, but look out, the demo video is half an hour long, so be prepared to sit down for awhile. He’s got a neat behind … Read More

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