Good Time to Buy Swords

It’s almost Halloween, which means that prop swords are on sale everywhere. Amazon in particular has a large selection of prop plastic swords. You might also want to check local stores in your area for good deals. Local stores don’t usually have as much selection as Amazon, but they do have the added benefit of letting you try out the sword first.

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4 comments on “Good Time to Buy Swords

  1. I forgot to mention that the swords will look better if you get the bigger ones for bigger costumes. In iSundae and iSundae II, we had a terrible time with the short, kid-sized swords that we used. Too short to look realistic!

  2. That’s also a possibility, although I certainly wouldn’t want to get whacked with a real sword. I got hit more than once with plastic swords and that hurt bad enough! 🙂

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