Useful Links

These are some Web sites that we have found useful for filmmaking. More added as we find them.


Filmmaker IQ — Lots of articles about all aspects of filmmaking. Caution: Some articles are somewhat inappropriate.

Creative Cow — Information on pretty much every aspect of filmmaking. They publish a free e-zine on various subjects, including interviews with pros on TV shows and movies. Caution: Occasional articles/podcasts are somewhat inappropriate.

Online Video Contests — A comprehensive list of video contests around the Internet. There’s sure to be something going on that you can enter. Be sure to subscribe to their feed so you’ll know about contests early. — If you’re a Christian and you’re a filmmaker, or even if you dabble in filmmaking, you should be here. Great community for advice and discussion.


Celtx — Free screenwriting software with everything you need to develop your story.

Screenwriting at Wikipedia — Wonderful article describing not only the different structures for a script, but also the format that the script should be presented in if sent to a studio.

Cinematography — Extensive filmmaking tips from a professional cinematographer.

Camcorder Info — The longest and most in-depth camcorder reviews we’ve ever seen. These guys test everything, so it’s a wonderful way to find out about the features on that camera you’re eyeing.

Special Effects

Detonation Films Free Stuff — Detonation Films sells stock explosion footage at quite reasonable prices, but they also offer lots of free explosions.

Blender — Free, open-source 3D animation software with feature set comparable to commercial software. Works on all major platforms.

Dryad — Free, collaborative, high quality tree generator, licensed for any use. Exports to Wavefront .obj files, which Blender can import.

List of Free Texture Sites — Ginormous list of free texture sites. Terms of use vary.

Video Copilot — After Effects tutorials and stock footage DVDs. Even if you don’t own After Effects, the inspiration here is amazing.


The Freesound Project — Huge, collaborative database of sound files, all licensed under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus License.

Blastwave FX Sample Pack 1 — A free download of 68 professional sounds, samples from Blastwave FX’s Sonopedia product. Includes some hard-to-find-for-free sounds.

Blastwave FX Sample Pack 2 — The second set of free, professional sound effects from Blastwave’s Sonopedia product. Just as good as the original.