Rolling Camera Outdoors

Today was our first outdoor shoot for Month of the Novel. We wanted to shoot two of our six episodes today, and we managed to accomplish just that.

We got out to the location this morning and all piled into that bumpy vehicle that we used to scout on Wednesday. Actually, we did that in shifts. And some of us managed to get lost when some people decided to walk to location when the vehicle driver was delayed. But I won’t say who. You can guess.

Anyway, the vehicle finally cooperated and we piled into it to head out to the first location.

Loading into the Gator

Then we shot a lot of video of the first episode planned for the day. This thing is really coming together, let me tell you! We had some great performances and got some really good takes. I always love shooting the script and getting to see it go beyond what was in my head.

Jordan directs and acts at the first location

After a break for lunch, we did the whole two shifts in the vehicle thing again (this time without the getting lost part) and headed out to shoot the second episode for the day.

It took us a bit to figure out exactly how to frame it around various modern elements and an uncooperative camera, but we finally got something we were happy with.

Blocking the scene at the second location

Rebekah sits in for Jordan while blocking

Once that episode had been safely shot, we drove back to home base and had yummy falafels to eat. And then crashed with a movie, which is the best way to end a long, successful day of filmmaking, if you ask me.

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