Second Day at Compass Film Camp

Okay, today was even more packed than yesterday, but it might compress better! (if that made any sense).

We started out by screening our in-camera films from yesterday. Everybody had fun watching what the other groups came up with, and laughing at our attempts at editing on-camera.

Then we went on to more on story. We went through a crash course on the three act structure and how the action rises and different plot points that should be in each act. We talked about themes in a story, and how the characters should not come right out and say what the theme is, but should show the theme. If nothing else, we should have gotten the important “Show, do not tell” phrase down.

We watched and analyzed the beginning of the movie Batman Begins to explore how themes are presented in a film.

After that, we had a quick lighting demo. It was quicker than expected, because one of the lamps blew a bulb, so a lot of the time was spent looking for more lights to use. I did see how useful a set of barn doors can be.

Then we had a very brief outline of pre-production, after which we started off and running with our groups. We had to come up with three story ideas, and then pitch them to our teacher/leader. He then helped us pick the best one, and we’ll finish up pre-pro tomorrow.

That about does it. We’ll start shooting tomorrow afternoon.

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