Third Day at Compass Film Camp

Alrighty, here’s day three. Not as many events went on today, so this won’t take too much time to write out.

We started out working on our stories and finishing up our scripts.

After the scripts were done, we had a Final Cut demo, basic how-to. Not too exciting for me. But after Final Cut, we did a sound demo, so that was a lot more exciting.

After lunch, some actors came in to be in our movies. That was cool! My group worked with a great guy who plays our main character.

Basically after that we just shot video all afternoon. In HD. It looks great. I’m the Assistant Director, which means that I have the voice of realism (Rebekah and Ruth, don’t laugh!) and I have to log our shots.

We reviewed our footage just before the end of the day, and we’re pretty happy with what we shot. Tomorrow we’ll be doing a bit more shooting, then I think we’re going to start editing.

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  1. I have no idea what Compass is going to be doing with the films afterward or if we’ll be able to post it. We’ll see. If there is a place online where you can see it, I’ll definitely be posting a link.

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