First Day at Compass Film Camp

Just finished the first day of film camp about an hour ago, and man was it a full day! Even though we managed to finish ahead of schedule, it was still a lot of information to take in.

So we started by learning a little bit about the basics of story. Then we learned about how to stimulate an idea, and then how to cultivate it.

After that, we watched a few Pixar shorts to study how they follow the story points that we learned about previously.

Since this is a faith-based camp, we viewed a few clips from some movies to see how Christian values end up in mainstream media. We learned a little about how to make sure those values actually end up in the final film by tying them to points of character and story, which makes it impossible to cut them out.

After that, it was time to learn how to use some fancy Sony cameras, and then make a very short movie.

We started out by splitting into three groups. Each group had a camera and about ninety minutes to make a short silent film with in-camera editing (no computers). Ours was about four people confronting the problem of a broken Coke machine. Nothing spectacular, but it gave us all a laugh when it was done.

Tomorrow, we’ll be watching and analyzing our movies from yesterday. We’ll also be starting the creative process on a longer movie, and learning about lighting (whoohoo!).

That’s all for now, except for a question directed at Ruth and Rebekah:

Was there something I was supposed to ask about? I completely forgot if there was! Leave a comment here and I’ll ask it tomorrow or Wednesday.

Oh, and just to instill pity in your hearts, I’m writing this from a PC on dial-up. It’s driving me nuts! *pulls hair out*

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4 comments on “First Day at Compass Film Camp

  1. So, Jordan, I am wondering what faith-based values you embedded into the broken Coke machine story! : )

    Praying for you all week in a way more specific than usual. Learn well!

  2. As far as I know, we didn’t come up with anything specific for you to ask about. Just absorb as much as you can, and we’ll have a nice, long chat when you get back!

  3. @ Pastor Larry
    There were no faith-based values in the Coke machine, sorry. 🙂 Our other film has some sort of moral to it, though.

    @ Ruth
    If they let me keep the notebook that I’ve been writing things down in, we’ll have a LOT to talk about!

    @ Rebekah
    Oh, that’s right! I’ll try to remember to ask that tomorrow.

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