iSundae II Production Day Seventeen

Busy, busy day today! We had some friends come over in the afternoon to film the Grand Ice Cream Shuffle. The fake ice cream we made ended up working quite well. It did start to melt a little after two hours or so, but that’s certainly better than real ice cream, which would have melted within the first fifteen minutes.

We filmed most of the afternoon and got about an hour of footage. Afterward, we cleaned up and had some real ice cream, being slightly ahead of schedule.

Then we loaded up the vans with equipment and costumes and took it over to a friend’s house where we could set up a small fire in their yard. We brought along hot dogs and marshmallows, but didn’t get around to eating them until 7:00 PM or so, since the filming took longer than we had anticipated. But I think we all had a good time, despite the freezing weather.

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4 comments on “iSundae II Production Day Seventeen

  1. I think this day was one of the best examples of how crazy movie making can be. The cook-out scene especially. Combine the cold weather, (my hands shriveled up and turned red) smoke getting in everyone’s eyes, dodging flakes of ash, taking glasses on and off between takes and trying to get the angles we needed, and you have the potential for some serious stress, but believe it or not, I enjoyed it.

    And for all those who helped us that day, thank you!

  2. Amen sister, I hear ya! Hey all, just wanted to post and thank you one more time for letting me come over, it was a real treat. And even though it was a crazy gamer of tag with the fire most of the time, Rebekah, you’re right, it was a blast! Hope the week goes well, and that you get lots of beautiful sunshine.

  3. The fake ice cream looked good on set, but I managed to refrain from taking a bite. I did try some of it afterward, though, and it isn’t really that bad. Kind of like frosting.


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