Fake Ice Cream Recipe

If you need to film a scene with ice cream, we’ve found this recipe to be very helpful. When we made it, it didn’t start to melt until about two hours into filming.

Fake Ice Cream Recipe:
(makes two scoops)

1/2 cup shortening
1 cup powdered sugar
1/8 cup corn syrup

Mix together with eggbeater about ten minutes until fluffy. Refrigerate overnight.

We made a gigantic batch for iSundae II production day 17, and it needed a little longer time in the fridge, but it worked great! It really doesn’t taste that bad either, although we don’t recommend eating a bowlful.

You can see the resulting fake ice cream in iSundae II – part 2 of 10.

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3 comments on “Fake Ice Cream Recipe

  1. Oh, and if you make a big batch (like we did) go easy with the beaters. The thick mixture slows them down a bit. Ours haven’t been the same since.

  2. Not to demean your beaters in any way, Rebekah, but I’m pretty sure that any modern egg beater would be able to put up with this recipe. 😀

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