iSundae II Production Day Sixteen

Well, this morning didn’t go so good. We hauled a ton of props outside to the driveway to try to set up and film a scene that none of us quite knew how it was going to work. The results were just short of disasterous. We didn’t have anything choreographed, the wind was blowing the whole thing over, the sun was coming back out, and the set wasn’t tall enough. So after wasting about an hour, we took everything back inside, having accomplished nothing.

We then set up the bluescreen again for a few little things we had forgotten and sections of a duel. Then after lunch, we put the living room in the dining room and the dining room in the living room. We’re getting to be quite experienced at moving furniture. With the main feast hall assembled, we practiced and filmed more of the duel there and an extra dialogue-based scene.

We also imported another tape this evening, bumping our imported footage to ten hours worth.

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