iSundae II Production Days Five and Six

On day five we slid over half the furniture in the living room and set up the iSundae wielders’ study. We filmed there for most of the day with Somindeo, the wielders, and a few of their visitors. Also, in the afternoon we did a short scene involving Fonsuger… and a bottle of poison.

Oh, we needed a Viking guard at one point, so we came up with a great costume and wig for Ben. We were all in hysterics.

Today (day six) we took as much furniture out of the living room as possible and erected what is known as “The Cone Throne Room.” We had a ton of scenes to film in there so we were at it all day. Good thing we got it all done today, though, because the dining room table is smashed against the wall, which makes eating rather difficult.

Filming was just very long and tedious today. Relatively uneventful, though. Oh, except for when one of the huge double doors toppled over and came crashing down on Sarah, who was sitting in front of it. Thankfully, she was wearing a Viking helmet at the time so she didn’t get hurt, but one of the horns snapped off. Easily fixable.

As you can see, I have pictures ready now! Here are the three iSundae wielders:

And here’s Rebekah operating our Kitty Cone puppet. She had to splay out all over the floor and Jordan claims she looks like she’s been run over by a car, or something.

Well, who said filmmaking was comfortable?

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