iSundae II Production Days Three and Four

Day three we filmed more little odds and ends in the morning, and we painted large props in the afternoon. By that time, we had the microphone working the way we needed it and were able to film a scene involving the three wielders. Then in the evening, we finished up the footage we wanted from the set we were working with on day two.

And today (day four) we dedicated entirely to the Mr. Kitty set. We dragged it out from being in storage for a year, glued it back together and generally fixed it up, and spent the rest of the day recording and filming with it. All in all, it went relatively smoothly with the exception of an intrusion by a large wasp. And then later I got a violent case of the hiccups, which brought all recording to a screeching halt.

Both cameras have started on their second tapes now. We’re blowing through these things with amazing speed. We’ll definitely need to be getting some more.

I do have several various production pictures imported now, and I promise I’ll try to get some up in the next day or two. Another thing to look forward to is that Rebekah intends to write a post soon about how movie-making can help you lose weight.

Right now we’re in the middle of rehearsing music for one of the songs. We’ll see if we can record it (or even some of it) tonight.

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