Fun on the Set, Part 2

Okay, the actors are in position, but when Ruth looks through the camera, all the colors are way off. She calls for a routine white balance check. This simply means that we hold up a white card and tell the camera that this is, in fact, white. (For some reason, it doesn’t seem to know this!)

For this scene, Marelac and Emcracy are practicing sword fighting with sticks. Malfhok (a character who is added later) is coaching them. Since he’s not there, I stand off camera and read his lines for filler. Rebekah directs us with her sweeping arm motions that occasionally distract actors from what they’re doing. (Sorry, Rebekah!)

One of the sticks breaks, so everybody takes a rest. Ruth and I head off into the neighboring woods to find another one. In the meantime, Sarah finds a gun-looking stick and poses. When we get back, the cast and crew are in stitches from laughing.

Aside from being plagued with wind, cars keep going by. Frequently, Ruth, Rebekah, or I will yell “Cut, the wind is too strong!”, or “Cut, here comes a car!” As a funny side note, we were shooting near a road, and I can testify that traffic slowed down quite a bit.

Not much else to say, other than, after shooting some backgrounds to plant Malfhok on for close-ups, we put away all the equipment (to get an idea of this, read the part about setting up in reverse) and then pile into the car amid the handing out of peppermints. On to another location!

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