Operation Kitty Set, Part 2

Well, my part in the Kitty set was considerably smaller than Rebekah’s. I stood on the sidelines and cheered her on for most of the time, and contributed help here and there when I was able.

The wainscoting and wallpaper were probably the largest items I helped with. The wainscoting is tons of little strips of cardboard, which I would then glue onto a paper base in the form of panels.

Then I had to paint it all. Twice, actually. The first color was sort of a muddy, yellow cream, and it looked horrible with the rest of the set, so we decided on a medium brown. That worked much better.

The wallpaper consists of sheets of red-striped scrap-booking paper, which I would spread thinly with glue, then apply to the wall and scrape it smooth. Well, that was the idea, anyway. I did end up with a few bubbles, but it was fairly forgiving.

The stuffed and mounted moose head was fun to make. I just used furry-type material for the head itself, and the eyes are little black beads. The antlers are cardboard.

The fish is made entirely out of hot glue and paint. I just stuck a dab of hot glue on a piece of cardboard, then let it dry, add another dab, let it dry… and so on until I had a reasonable fish shape.

I ended up sewing several tiny pillows and pillowcases for the little animals. They weren’t hard at all. Just fabric and stuffing. And I made little blankets out of felt.

Oh, I also made Kitty’s overalls. That was interesting. Kitty is… unusually shaped. Thankfully, I’ve had a little experience in that sort of thing, so they turned out all right.

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