Reyshar’s Costume

As chief costumer for Phantom Moose Films, I enjoy turning out good costumes. As the oldest actor, I enjoy wearing cool costumes. As the movie’s only villain (unless you count the monster) I wanted to make a different impression. Combine all this, and you get Reyshar, the evil wielder of Chocolate.

Reyshar’s costume started as a sword-belt and sheath. After a little, we added a big cape, a modified version of which ended up in the movie. The cape is actually a tablecloth, which we lined with a hunk of brown fabric. The original simply had a drawstring, so the frayed edges showed. It was pretty bad.

I knew I wanted to do makeup in this role, just to push it up a notch, and, besides, it was my first time doing makeup in any movie whatsoever. We made an early test run and Reyshar ended up looking like she had fallen out a window and landed on her head. Undaunted, we ignored this minor detail saying that we would try again later. Much later. More like only a few days before filming commenced. I got busy doing other things for iSundae and didn’t get back to Reyshar for quite awhile.

Thankfully, Reyshar’s costume quickly morphed into what it is now. The original idea was a brown t-shirt, white pants, cape, sword-belt, and boots. Okay, but not really interesting. The addition of white sleeve lengtheners with black accents, the black cage-like necklace with rhinestones, and the telephone pole helmet helped quite a bit. I also gave the cape some serious work and added the big, brown collar. Made of cardboard and covered with felt, it has safety pins attached to it, allowing us to remove the fabric whenever we need to. Things were definitely shaping up. The boots were felt and fitted over my tennis shoes so I could wear them wherever.

We put everything on and tried another makeup test. This time, it worked, and Reyshar became Reyshar.

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