Book Trailers and Other Stories

Well. We’ve done another shoot for Simply Charlotte Mason. This one was smaller, weighing in at about three hours of footage. Now we’re done with the big stuff for them, so now it’s time to turn to our own project. Yep, the book trailer.

We don’t have much time left before the Northern branch of Phantom Moose heads back home, but we think we’ll be able to pull it off.

And no, we’re still not going to say what book we’re doing. But we’ll drop some hints both here and in our new About Us page photo.

Rebekah is hard at work on the needed props and costumes as I type.
Rebekah at work

Oho, what's this?

Yesterday, Ruth and I did a bit of location scouting and found a nice creek that will work perfectly.
Jordan at the location

Well, almost perfectly.
Jordan's complaint

We’ve also been working on a new idea. Actually, we’ve tossed around a lot of things, but we have a neat story that we’re really excited about.

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