We’ve Switched to Vimeo!

Hey everybody! You may have noticed that part four of iSundae was embedded from Vimeo, not YouTube. Why? Well, for one thing, the quality on Vimeo is far superior to that of YouTube. I encourage you to watch the previous parts of iSundae on Vimeo. Your viewing experience will be greatly enhanced.

One of my pet peeves with YouTube is that it only allows you to have a choice between three video thumbnails. Vimeo automatically creates twelve for you to choose from, and even allows you to upload a thumbnail if you don’t like any of the ones it picked.

Also, if you check out our Vimeo profile page, you will notice a box for video requests. We think that this is a really cool feature. If you have any ideas for videos that you’d like us to make, just type them in there. We’ll get a message about your request, and we can later upload a video based on that request.

Be sure to visit our iSundae channel on Vimeo and subscribe, so that you receive updates whenever we post a new iSundae video.

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