Think Inside the Box – The Making of Malfhok

Malfhok is a very key character in iSundae. He tells about the background history, and generally supplies the stuff the audience needs. He was the first character conceived for the film, and also the one that caused the most trouble. We had all sorts of problems…

So, how do you make a floating head?

We solved this by having me wear a large green box that came down to my waist and got in the way of every gesture I instinctively wanted to make. It was quite a task to try to help Ruth set up microphones when I couldn’t move my arms at all.

How does Malfhok carry stuff?

Far into the writing of iSundae, we encountered a difficulty. We had given Malfhok a Book of Knowledge, but no way to carry it. We thought of two remedies. A: We could make it float with him. B: A podium would appear in a puff of smoke whenever he needed the book.

We settled on option A, as it was much easier.

Floating up and down.

The script called for Malfhok to float up or down in a few places. Depending on the height of the float, I either rose from a squatting position, or stepped off a stool. I preferred the first method, as the second could result in some nasty accidents.

That’s only three things we ran into!

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