Emcracy’s Costume

Emcracy’s costume for iSundae was a combined effort. Before we had officially pulled the trigger for iSundae, Simplicity Patterns were on sale at our local JoAnn store. So we grabbed several of their costume patterns, one of which was for (among other things) a fancy cape/robe-with-really-big-sleeves-thingy. I wanted to try out one of the newly acquired patterns, and our grandparents had given us a big roll of some neat, white fabric, so it seemed a logical choice.

Our aunt helped us make it. She, Ruth, and I ran relay on two sewing machines to put it together. It took a lot of fabric. The sleeves are humongous . Emcracy could have kept the sword of ice cream in them and never noticed a thing.

Once we had it together, we planned on simply using it in combination with a blue t-shirt and white pants for Emcracy’s costume, so we just moved on to other things.

But after a while, I got to looking at it and decided that it was kind of uninteresting. Shapeless, and looked like a choir robe. The remedy? A simple, pleated belted. I use the term “simple” loosely. It was very close to a nightmare. We borrowed a pleating gadget and set to work. You push the fabric in the slot. Voila. One pleat. Push it in the next slot. Ta-da! The grand total of one pleat. The other one came out. After several tries and lots of steam from the iron, we got it where we wanted it, stitched it up, and put a single hook and eye on the back. We tried it on, and it looked great. (Obviously, or it wouldn’t still be on Emcracy.) Later, the actors christened it the “Celtish beltish thingy.”

We debated doing makeup, and we even ran some tests, but finally decided not to. Thankfully. It was hard enough with Reyshar’s makeup.

Sarah did a wonderful job playing Emcracy, and I hope to create some really neat costumes for her in the future.

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