Happily Editing Away

You know, editing doesn’t just mean video! We’re doing some of that, as Ruth and I are each editing a DVD of Handicrafts Made Simple, but I’m also “editing” a short script.

It’s a short that we wrote a couple years ago and then shelved. We haven’t looked at it since, but several months ago I got some feedback on it from some great folks over on ChristianFilmmakers.org. That gave me a direction for improvement. A few days ago, I started to rework the story a little, and now I have a finished treatment. Hopefully, I’ll get going on actually writing the screenplay very soon.

By the way, here’s a Celtx tip. I discovered the other day that you can add a Novel to any Celtx project. So I added a Novel to write my treatment in. Handy to have everything in one project.

So that’s what’s up with us. More later!

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