Check Out This Review of the New Narnia Movie

I wrote a review comparing the book The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to the movie on

Now in that review, I didn’t go into specifics on what I thought of the technical filmmaking aspects. I don’t really have much to comment on, except to say that the movie is gorgeous, though I did think that there was a bit too much shaky camera for my taste. It might have helped if the theater had been projecting the film correctly.

I really enjoyed the way the few fight scenes were shot. I had been disappointed with how far removed the camera is from the action in the first two movies. For this film, the camera gets right into the action and moves around, giving the exciting parts a lot more energy.

The script is really the weakest part. It suffers from a bit too much telling and not enough showing, as did the previous two Narnia films. Hopefully, The Silver Chair will be made and won’t make the same mistakes.

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