A House for Marge – Day 5

This was the big shooting day. Probably if you count it all up, we shot half of the movie on day five. The location was the house of A House for Marge.

It started with a cat. He wasn’t in the script or the schedule or the crew or anything. But he was the first thing to greet us when we got to the location. He was a stray who didn’t live there when we started, but by the end of the shoot, he had been adopted.

So once we finished petting said cat, we got to work on setting up a room full of food. Or something that looked like one from certain angles.

Our actors arrived soon afterward and we got started on the shooting. This isn’t part of the movie. It’s from between takes.

We then moved outside, where it was not raining (hooray!).

Someday, we’ll solve the problem of three cords for one mic and person (who ought to have been directing, but hey, this is low-budget).

Here we go with more shooting.

We had to move this picnic table a lot. You, delightful reader, get to be let in on a little secret. The script calls for three tables, but we’re making this one look like three. Hence all the moving.

We shot a bunch more scenes outside, but our documentary photographers were either inside or out of batteries.

At the end of the day, we were all quite tired. Even the cat.

We’re wrapping tonight, Friday, with one or two little bitty shots. Yay!

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3 comments on “A House for Marge – Day 5

  1. This is great!
    I trust that there will be a great big blooper reel from this movie…it looks like you had a great deal of silliness on set, and if anyone had the brilliance to be surreptitiously pushing ‘record’ periodically, a lot of it just might be in the hands of the editing team by now.
    Good blackmail material, huh, Jordan?

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