What We’re Up To

Alright, we’ve decided that we’ve been stringing you along long enough! It’s time to tell you what book we’re doing a teaser trailer for. What is it? Read on.

DragonSpell is our trailer project. We all love Donita K. Paul’s books, and this one is the first in a series, so it was a logical choice.

Our goal here is to pretend that DragonSpell is being made into a movie by us and to show what a trailer would look like if that were the case.

Although we are currently busy editing a seminar for Simply Charlotte Mason, we are half-working on our DragonSpell teaser. Stay tuned for posts on the shooting, on the props, and on the general progress of the project.

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2 comments on “What We’re Up To

  1. We’re actually done shooting and will move into post once we finish the seminars we’re doing for Simply Charlotte Mason.

    We did it all on basically no budget during our final week together in November. It was more for fun than anything, though we definitely tried to raise the bar some. Because of that, we were limited a lot as far as what we could do.

    We ended up not having nearly as much time as we’d hoped, so we decided that this was sort of seeing what we could pull off, and that maybe next time we would do a trailer for the second book, with more planning.

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