Book Review: Crafty Screenwriting


A book on how to write crafty screenplays. Crafty as in “screenwriting is my craft.”

The Good

Lots of examples. The only screenwriting book I’ve read that covers the why of proper formatting, as well as how to write adaptations of books. Good stuff.

The first screenwriting book I’ve read that doesn’t assume you’ve seen all the films in the examples.

Includes advice on how to sell your screenplay, if you’re so inclined.

The Bad

Mild language throughout, with a few spots where some saltier words show up.

Cynicism about Hollywood is funny the first two times, but gets annoying as the book goes on.


Worth a read for the formatting section. Also, the author disagrees which much of the arguments concerning the importance of structure that were so prominent in Save the Cat.

Read this book to get an alternate angle or theory and become a more well-rounded screenwriter. Or just get more confused as you seek to reconcile the two methods.

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