Book Review: The Five C’s of Cinematography


A veteran cinematographer tells you practically everything you need to know about cinematography.

The Good

The text is very clear, with lots of photos to demonstrate almost every technique. Very in-depth.

The book covers not only theatrical filmmaking, but also applies the techniques to off-the-cuff documentary shooting.

Great overhead diagrams show how camera placement works.

The Bad

Not much to complain about. This is easily the most polite filmmaking book I’ve ever read.

The book was written in the 1960s, so some of the technology referenced is a bit outdated. (I got a kick out of the discussion of TVs being too small for good theatrical work and speculation about color television in the future.)

Black and white photos make the sections about color somewhat difficult to comprehend.


I want to have The Five C’s of Cinematography always close at hand to reference whenever I’m in doubt about how something should be done.

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