Book Review: Making a Good Script Great


Dr. Linda Seger, a professional script consultant, breaks down the three act structure. She tells you how to rewrite your good script and make it great. The first few chapters help you write the first draft.

The Good

Making a Good Script Great is very clear. There are lots of examples from real scripts, including large quotes from major blockbusters. If you haven’t seen them, you’ve probably heard of them.

Reading about rewriting your script gives you a good idea of what to watch for when writing to begin with. It was extremely helpful to me to know what problems I could avoid now with a little extra thought.

The Bad

Some of the scripts and movie story-lines quoted are not the cleanest in the world. Just be aware that you will encounter some language and a few non-graphic, non-detailed references to inappropriate “romance” scenes.


After I finished Making a Good Script Great, I looked at the story I’ve been working with and saw all sorts of new possibilities. Highly recommended.

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