iSundae II Bloopers

Everybody knows that you can’t shoot a movie without things going wrong. Here are the iSundae II outtakes!

iSundae II Bloopers Reel from Phantom Moose Films on Vimeo.

You can also watch the video on YouTube.

And for those of you waiting for the tower top behind the scenes video, hang in there. I’m working on it!

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7 comments on “iSundae II Bloopers

  1. Having never used a boom mic in my life, I’ll have to take your word on its total sweeeeetness. πŸ™‚

    That was amazing. My mouth hurts from smiling so hard.

    – Jordan, who is still laughing.

  2. The boom mic is sweet, until you get assigned to holding it for an entire scene. The directors tend to wait and call “cut” the split millisecond before your arms fall off. Or you get in trouble for creating “thumb” noise. (Like anyone is going to notice the deep thudding sound in the background of the clip. πŸ™‚ )

    The best part about that mic, though, is that it’s very directional. It picks up what you point it at, and not the kids playing on the playground.

  3. Not producing “thumb noise” is a very important thing!

    (For those who are wondering what Rebekah and I are talking about, I spend several hours editing out Rebekah’s “thumb noise” for iSundae II.) πŸ™‚

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