Nobody’s Perfect: The Bloopers of iSundae

We finished releasing iSundae: The Way of the Wielders on Monday. So you’ve seen all of our best takes, and you think we’re amazing and perfect. (Okay, maybe not 😀 ) Anyway, here is the outtakes reel for iSundae. After the video, I’ll give you my comments on some of them.

iSundae Bloopers Reel from Phantom Moose Films on Vimeo.

“He’s right, Somindeo…”

We did this scene on a stool, because Malfhok had to float down from the ceiling. I’m wearing a green box so that I can’t wave my arms around, and so we can key it out for the floating head effect. Well, it’s really hard to step off of a stool with a box that comes down to your knees! Needless to say, the box got the worst of it.


This was one of the worst interruptions we had while filming iSundae. Normally, it’s perfectly lovely to have a clock that chimes every quarter hour. But when you are trying to finish a scene ASAP, a chime every fifteen minutes is quite annoying. We learned our lesson and ran the clock down before we started shooting iSundae II. My advice? Think carefully about what makes noise in a location before you decide to shoot there, and if you can, silence them.

Weather Conditions

Man! We had such a hard time on that day. The place where we were filming was right next to the road and right out in the open. Plus, as you can tell, that day was windy. So we shot in between cars going by and gusts of wind. However, it was fun to watch all the people in their cars turning to look at us while they went by.

Sword Belts

This was a recurring trouble. The belts were made of cardboard covered with fabric, so they tended to spring open a lot. For iSundae II, we used real belts.

The Garage Cave

Yes, we know. That scene was shot in a garage. Shocking, isn’t it? Now you know why we darkened the scene so much.

“Have you seen my DVD collection?”

This is what happens when you tell your actors to have a conversation, and then tell them that the audio won’t be used. Consequently, I’m the one with the remark about the DVDs. 😛

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2 comments on “Nobody’s Perfect: The Bloopers of iSundae

  1. Wow. Bloopers are a surprisingly entertaining byproduct of film-making. Next time, though, warn me if it’s going to be this funny. Now my keyboard has milk on it. 🙂

  2. Oh, we have some good ones from iSundae II, despite that fact that we got real belts, ran down the clock, shot on calm days, and knew better than to shoot in a garage.

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