Filmmaking Books

Here’s the sequel to my post about great filmmaking software. I’ll be talking about the filmmaking books in my library.

Making Digital Videos, by Ben Long. ISBN: 1-58450-099-9
An overview of filmmaking with your home computer. Long does a great job of explaining what hardware and software to get, how to write a good script, how to shoot good video, and how to edit in a natural fashion. Unfortunately, this one was written a few years ago, so most of the information about computers is way out of date. If you already have a good computer for the job, though, this will walk you through your first movie and beyond.

Digital Video Hacks, by Joshua Paul, et al. ISBN: 0-596-00946-1
Describes various tricks, large and small, useful and useless. Great to read for inspiration or just for to laugh at silly things that you can do with various equipment.

MAKE Magazine
Alright, I know. It’s not a book. But I’ve discovered lots of tips and tricks for filmmaking in this amazing publication. They run film projects in almost every issue; ranging from launching a model rocket with a camera attached, to building your own camera stabilizer (My favorite! I use it all the time!). MAKE has not disappointed me yet.

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