iSundae II Production Day Twenty-Six

The wind was gusting around 30 miles per hour today, so we knew from the start it wasn’t a good day for audio. We headed to the park in the afternoon and filmed some action stuff with our Vikings, then spent the rest of the day making lists, redrawing storyboards, and importing.

Depending on tomorrow’s weather, it’s quite possible that we’ll be able to finish up all of the remaining large sections. After that, we’d have a few days left to film little things that we forgot or need to be redone, finish importing all the footage, record some missing lines, duplicate the complete collection of captured film, burn photos to CDs for backups, verify and label over ten hours of footage… We have a lot to get done. It’s gonna be close.

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One comment on “iSundae II Production Day Twenty-Six

  1. It was kind of fun. We wanted to make it look like we had plenty of Norse, so we would dress up in Viking costumes, run across a patch of ground, switch costumes around and run across a different patch. Repeat as often as needed.

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