iSundae II Production Day Eight

We spent this morning setting up dreary dungeon passages. That was a bit of a challenge. They consist of multiple stacked large units, which would repetitively fall over under little or no provocation. We eventually procured a technique of keeping them up using clothespins and little pieces of cardboard.

We all felt very drained and worn out for the first part of the day, but we managed to get ourselves going after lunch and got quite a bit filmed.

To wander off down a tangent… Back on Tuesday, we were working on some scenes that had Viking guards, and one of them sort of turned hobbit on us. We think he looks rather like Pippin, don’t you?

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One comment on “iSundae II Production Day Eight

  1. What fun! I enjoy keeping posted. If you need help, you know you can call. Remember, too, that sometimes Grandpa has good ideas about how to assemble and set up things. (^_^)

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