About Us

We like to think that we look like this:

In reality, we tend to look more like this:

There are three of us. Rebekah, Jordan, and Ruth. Rebekah’s in blue, Ruth’s in green, and Jordan’s the guy.

We were all homeschooled, which gave us many opportunites to learn and experiment with our films. Now that we’re all graduated, we’re trying to put our skills to use in more or less profitable ways.

A Little About Us

Rebekah is a production design/world building nut. She loves working with fantasy and science fiction genres, the more complex the better. Her passion for creative details laps over into writing fiction, her hand dyed yarn business, and a wide variety of crafts.

Jordan is ultimately a story geek. This tends to be displayed in his enjoyment of directing, screenwriting, and editing, though he’ll do almost anything film-related. When not making movies, Jordan can be found relaxing with a good book, watching hockey, talking to himself in a most alarming array of voices, or attempting to paralyze his tongue with hot sauce.

Ruth thrives when she’s organizing, so she’s happy to make lists, keep people on schedule, and handle paperwork. She does video editing and graphic design as well, and she knits, drinks tea, and sometimes talks to herself.

(And for those who may be wondering, Ruth and Jordan are married. To each other.)

Why Phantom Moose Films?

Our name comes from an old (never filmed) script that we wrote. At one point there was a phantom moose guarding some treasure. We cut the moose, but we couldn’t get him out of our heads. So at the end of the production of iSundae, in 2006, we wanted to start a web site and needed a name. Somebody suggested “Phantom Moose” and it stuck.