Of a Teleprompter and Name Tags

We’re all together again for a big shoot. Remember the Handicrafts Made Simple title card that I shared earlier? We’re shooting the next two DVDs in the series. So far, we’ve shot four sessions for the first DVD and things are going splendidly. Why? We have a secret weapon!

You see, Ruth and Rebekah’s dad made us a fantabulous teleprompter! This is a great little rig that uses an iPad to display the words that Rebekah has to say. We just shoot through the glass and the words don’t show up on the camera. How cool is that? (I’m still geeking out about it!)

And then we just had to share this photo. You see, Ruth and I have exactly the same Zoom H4 recorder. We’re using both for this project, so Ruth made name tags for them. I think they’re adorable!

That’s all for now, though we might have more set photos later. Stay tuned!

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5 comments on “Of a Teleprompter and Name Tags

    • Ruth’s is Curtis. Actually, it’s Curtis Ulysses. That’s because the device says, “Goodbye see you” on the screen when powering down. Get it? See you. C U. Curtis Ulysses! 😀

      Mine is Xavier because I thought he looked like a guy with an afro (doesn’t he?!), and Xavier is just a good name for an afro dude. 😀

      We’ve named quite a bit of our equipment, actually. But the mikes are the only ones with tags.

  1. Zowie, what a nifty teleprompter.
    This remindeth me of an incident: Whilst filming our latest movie, there was a certain scene in which some of our actors were forgetting their lines, so we had them read the script from an off-screen laptop. In one shot, one person fac’d the camera and read lines from the laptop, which was surreptitiously held by the other person, who was fac’d away from the camera.
    (we actually never used that shot in the finished movie, as it look’d suspicious…)

    • We’ve previously done some videos where we printed the script on huge-lettered cue cards. But that brings with it all the problems of holding of the cards, changing them without making noise, and getting them where it looks like the talent is talking to the camera. This teleprompter makes all the difference!

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