iSundae II Foley Fun

Swords sound a lot better when they’re not plastic. Unfortunately, the metal kind doesn’t come cheap, and we really didn’t want anybody to get hit with a real sword. So we used some plastic prop swords that look pretty good. One problem: no metal sword sound effects.

To fix this problem, I dug around in the garage and found some old pieces of metal. Time to have some fun doing foley work!

Foley is the art of creating sound effects with real props. However, the props sometimes are not anything like the item being represented. For more on foley, check out the DVD extras on animated movies (Monsters, Inc. is particularly good!). They usually show how they did lots of different sound effects.

Anyway, here are some photos of me creating some sounds.

Sword Foley

Trapdoor Foley

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One comment on “iSundae II Foley Fun

  1. Hurrah! I love foley! Good for you! If I don’t become a director or a voice-over artist someday, I will most certainly become a foley artist! (=

    Foley is the best!
    A Foley Enthusiast

    P.S. I even got to go to a foley session, once! I was a couple of terrorists and I was part of a huge earth-shattering earthquake, explosion! (= It was only for a student film, though, not a big, fun, production…(=

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