Announcing Finding the Core of Your Story: The Logline Book

Remember last August when I wrote a series of blog posts about writing a great logline? Well, I’ve taken those posts, revised them, written a bunch of new material, and compiled it all into a handy little book!

Logline Book CoverIt’s called Finding the Core of Your Story, and it’s available for preorder starting today. I’m really excited about this and I think you’re going to love it, but since it’s better to let another praise you, here’s a hearty recommendation from author and screenwriter Aubrey Hansen:

“As a screenwriter and self-published author, I’ve always sought Jordan Smith’s advice on my loglines. I run conceptual pitches by him when pursuing a new idea, and I get his help finalizing my pitch before publishing or doing an interview. When I heard Jordan was compiling his expertise into a book, I was delighted. Having read the book I can testify it contains all his best advice and provides a lighthearted but thorough crash course to loglines. If more writers would heed the advice on these pages, they would avoid the inept pitches and synopses so common among self-published authors. Read this book and set your story apart by writing a great logline. The shoppers browsing your book on Amazon will thank you.”

What’s a logline? It’s a very short description of the core of your story. It gets to the heart of what your story actually is and conveys that information in as little space as possible. Ultimately, it’s a tool you use to get busy people interested in your story. It’s also a way to remember what’s really important in your story so that you can keep your storytelling on track.

Though loglines originated with Hollywood, you don’t have to be a filmmaker to use a one. You just need a story that you want to tell. Whether you write novels, movies, comic books, video games, or even operas, this book is for you. Every storyteller should be able to say in one sentence what his story is about. Finding the Core of Your Story will help you learn to do just that.

To find out more about Finding the Core of Your Story and to get your copy, be sure to check out its official page.

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