Showing Off

I can’t stand it any longer. We have gorgeous HD footage from the handicraft DVD that we’re doing. Since Ruth has sent me a wonderful rough cut, I think it’s time to celebrate by posting some stills!

(Click any of these to see the full-res version.)

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3 comments on “Showing Off

  1. Nothing on topic.
    But my little brother was just telling me about the “Floating Head of Knowledge.” He’s from Ethopia so his English isn’t so good. So he was saying “Neck, yes, Head yes talking. Stomach no!… Stomach asleep.”

    (First time my adopted siblyings watched it. They were scared, actaully. Try explaining Phantom yes, horror not on purpose.)

  2. Ben, that’s fun! (The phantom thing is understandably a little bit of a sticking point…)

    Aubrey, it’s very exciting! Hopefully we can get a few more blog posts out of it.

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