Projects Keep One Too Busy to Blog

Maybe that title is true.

Regardless, we’re all in the same house again, working on all sorts of neat stuff.

We began this last Tuesday by having a Skype call with Rick Holets, the composer for A House for Marge. He was impressive and really made us wonder how we ever scored our own films before. Yesterday, we got a work-in-progress score from him and synced it up. Wow! Some of us were humming it all the rest of the day.

On top of that excitingness, we’ve been shooting some videos about handcrafts, hosted by Rebekah. The best part of this to me is the setup. Have a look.

We’re running a Zoom H4 hanging from the ceiling, one Canon HF S200 on a DIY dolly and track, and a small Lowel lighting kit. This is easily one of the coolest setups we’ve done. We’re getting lots of neat close-ups, plus some sweet motion from the dolly. I’m inclined to look a bit critically at some of our older stuff now and wonder why we didn’t build a dolly sooner. Especially since the thing was dirt cheap.

But wait! There’s more! Ruth and I have been building a neat DVD menu to finish up a project for Simply Charlotte Mason. It’s a rather complex DVD, as it has to handle the task of stopping automatically for the viewer to complete assignments. Check out this graphical map view.

And as if we weren’t busy enough, we still have a list of other videos for Simply Charlotte Mason to shoot. So we’re occupied. Very occupied.

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4 comments on “Projects Keep One Too Busy to Blog

    • The handicraft videos are Rebekah’s new business project. It’s basically a series of videos showing how to get started in a handicraft. In this case, we’re shooting hand sewing. The finished videos will be published and sold through Simply Charlotte Mason. From what I’ve seen of it while shooting (and I am not a handicrafts person), these will be great. I feel like I could do sewing! Well, if I really wanted to… 😀

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