Attempting to Storyboard

I’ve never been too good at drawing. But with Rebekah busily planning the schedule and finding locations and casting and whatever else she’s doing that I’m so thankful she’s handling, and Ruth working on another project and not being too great at storyboarding either, it fell to me to draw the storyboards for A House for Marge.

Which means, of course, that you get to see a picture of some of them. Click to enlarge, and please don’t laugh…

Jordan's Storyboards

You laughed. I heard you. That’s okay. Now everybody knows why I like to use the camera and not the pencil. 😉

Meanwhile, Rebekah has been making good progress with her job (detailed above). Which is good, because I’m traveling to the Southern Branch for production in a little more than a week.

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One comment on “Attempting to Storyboard

  1. Wow…so production is starting pretty soon, then?
    Cool! I look forward to many behind the scenes posts.
    And don’t worry about your storyboards.
    Most of mine look like that, too.

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