A House for Marge Synopsis and Update

We now have a synopsis for A House for Marge:

Marge’s Kitchen Food Pantry is overflowing with donations. With the help of her brother, teenager Anna rallies her friends to renovate Marge’s back porch into a storage area. But they must reevaluate their plans when a local construction company decides to build Marge a new storage room, rendering Anna’s project unnecessary.

As a further update, I finished a first pass on the shot list today. Now for revisions, revisions, revisions. It’s probably time for me to get together with the Ruth and see what she thinks.

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One comment on “A House for Marge Synopsis and Update

  1. Wow…and here I was, expecting a His Girl Friday or Philadelphia Story-esque script.
    I forgot that it’s going to be a short…(duh)
    Well, sounds great, guys. I look forward to seeing the behind the scenes posts all through production! Take lots of photos and videos!

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