A General Update Post

Here we go again. Phantom Moose seems to have become a monthly blog of me showing up and giving a brief update about how we’re writing or busy with other things. This time is slightly different. You’ll see. Read on.

I’ve been reading some more filmmaking books, but none that have been good enough to write up a review for. Sorry, but you’re just going to have to wait until I discover another gem.

The big news is that we are working toward possible production of a short in October/November. This film is particularly exciting for us because it’s our first time working with a script that we didn’t write.

For now, that’s all I’ll say about it, since it’s all very tentative at the moment. If this becomes a reality, we’ll be back to tell you (Most Patient Reader) some more about this short. Hopefully that will include some production blogging, behind the scenes, and other fun stuff.

Also, as always, we are writing plenty of scripts of our own. Rebekah is working on a very hilarious idea that we’d like to shoot next year. I’m off-and-on writing a much more serious feature that periodically asserts itself onto my consciousness.

Yep. Busyness. It’s fun.

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