Finished Projects Galore

I got to thinking this past week that, although I’ve been telling you that we’ve been doing next to nothing filmmaking-wise, we were busily working on several other video projects. We’ve finished many of those projects and you can now see some of them online. What sorts of projects? Read on.

To start with, Ruth and I have, as previously noted, finished the Books & Things Seminar DVD set for Simply Charlotte Mason. When I posted about that before, the official page had not yet gone live, but it is up now.

Also for Simply Charlotte Mason, we finished a couple of demo videos. One is about spelling using prepared dictation and the other is about their Laying Down the Rails book and workshop.

And then for Incredibooks, we created a little promo video for their Summer Read-a-Thon. We did one of these last year as well. This year’s video was especially exciting because it was our first project in HD.

So there’s a look at all the projects we’ve finished in the last few weeks. Funny how everything had to come to a head then.

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