That’s a Wrap and Other Stories

So. Here I am, about halfway through the visit to the Southern branch of Phantom Moose. Everything is going well, probably because it’s easier to be creative when everybody is in the same room/house. You remember my last post about what we were going to do? Like all good plans, it has changed.

Okay, bad news first. We’ve pretty much decided that reshooting our DragonSpell trailer and Rebekah’s neat idea are going to be put on hold for a future time. We’re not abandoning them by any means. We just needed to focus on other projects.

But wait! There’s good news! Ruth and I have finished the Books & Things seminar for Simply Charlotte Mason. We’re excited and very relieved.

Speaking of Simply Charlotte Mason, we’re mostly planning to shoot another video for them in the coming week.

And the Incredibooks Read-a-Thon video is still on the list of things to do. We just need to sit down and figure it all out.

Best news (in my opinion): Rebekah is hard at work on a script we’ve been working on since November. She stunned me yesterday with a page (filled in small handwriting) of backstory research. I’ve been told that there’s more to come.

I’m getting pretty excited about this one. Once we have a better working title, I might do a post with a little more info. For now, I’ll leave you wondering.

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