Change of Plans

Here we are again. I’m at the computer updating you with a non-update. This is where I rehash the same thing we’ve been posting for the past year or so. We don’t have anything really exciting to say, we’re still doing the same things, and that’s that.

Wait a second! I do have some things to tell you!

In my last post, I mentioned that we were planning on entering a film contest. We’ve pulled back, looked at our schedules, and figured out that we won’t be able to do it. Maybe next time.

However, Ruth and I are practically done with the seminar for Simply Charlotte Mason. We have only DVD menus left and we’re saving those for next week when we can work on them in the same room.

As a little bit of a teaser for anybody who also reads our posts on Incredibooks… We’re planning on shooting a video for the annual summer Read-a-Thon sometime in the next couple of weeks. All I’m saying is that this one is more epic than last year’s.

We’re also planning on shooting a little something that Rebekah came up with. This is a pretty exciting idea that we’re hoping will be something we can sell. More on that later if it becomes a reality, I suppose.

And we’d also like to reshoot our long-neglected DragonSpell teaser. Some of the video didn’t turn out the way we liked, and we’ll have more time to plan. So we’re pinning that as a definite possibility. (In fact as I’m typing this post, Rebekah is getting distracted looking at wigs…)

Lots going on with us! Hopefully we’ll be able to post some photos of the behind-the-scenes of shooting some of these projects. Stay tuned!

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