Announcing Our Latest Project

Some of you, from various correspondence with us and hints dropped by us, have probably figured this out already. We’re working on another movie. Here are some details:

Genre: Science Fiction Action Drama.

Setting: Modern times, so we don’t have to deal with castles and spaceships.

Planned Length: Feature, so at least 90 minutes.

Summary: Joshua is a teenager who has run away to another dimension, where he goes to work for an agency trying to catch a gang leader. Back in our world, three kids discover Joshua’s portal and accidentally interfere with his mission, causing an adventure nobody was expecting.

Working Title: None yet, leave a comment if you have ideas!

Last week, we finished the first draft on our treatment, which will be expanded into a script later on. There’s not much else we can say at this point, but stay tuned for more!

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4 comments on “Announcing Our Latest Project

  1. “Setting: Modern times, so we don’t have to deal with castles and spaceships.”

    Too bad. I like castles and spaceships. 🙂

    Interesting concept. It’s one of those ideas that seems like it could turn out very well or very badly. I’m sure that you will write a great script, though, and I look forward to hearing more.

    – Jordan

  2. Jordan Harris,

    We’re doing spaceships (we think) but not castles. Sorry that was unclear. 🙂

    The story is actually quite a bit more deep than the summary makes it sound. I just couldn’t come up with a good way to summarize it without giving the whole thing away.

  3. Jordan,

    Woohoo! Even without the castles, spaceships are good. 😉

    I definitely can understand your trouble with creating a short summary. I’m actually writing a book at the moment, and whenever people ask me what it’s about, I struggle with simplifying the plot into a small amount of words. I actually thought that your summary was pretty good. It didn’t give away the whole plot, but it summarized the setup and left me (the reader) wanting to hear more.

    – Jordan Harris

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