iSundae II – Part 8 of 10

Part 8 is here! Again, if you haven’t seen the previous seven parts, you’ll want to go watch them first.

iSundae II: Attack of the Cones – Part 8 of 10 from Phantom Moose Films on Vimeo.

You can also watch the movie on YouTube.

Stick around! This week, Rebekah will tell you how we worked around needing ten people for a scene, when we only had eight.

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2 comments on “iSundae II – Part 8 of 10

  1. I enjoy watching each part, and this one was no exception. A few notes about, well, notable things. 🙂

    – The actor who plays Gwenada (I hope I spelled that right) does a fantastic job of keeping the dialogue from dragging. Her personality makes otherwise uninteresting lines come to life.

    – Stock footage effects are very hard to do. The fire explosion wasn’t perfect, but I think that it worked. It is true that any bright, noticeable effects (Like an explosion) tend to stand out quite a bit, and as a result hardly ever appear to blend in convincingly. I’ve had similar troubles. One thing that might have helped would be to brighten the clip during the time that the explosion is on screen. Maybe give it a yellowish tint as well. This will make it appear that the explosion is adding light to the scene, helping it appear more realistic. In a daytime scene like this one, however, that could be difficult.

    – Yay! Bob is back! I fear his wrath, though.

    – Jordan Harris

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