Dryad: Free Tree Generator

Test Tree Render From BlenderI found a great new tool today. It’s called Dryad, a tree generator that is free for any use. Currently, Dryad is available for Mac and Windows. You will need a good Internet connection, because Dryad downloads user generated trees off the Dryad site, and also uploads information about the trees that you chose.

When you find a tree you like, just click the check mark button, and Dryad makes a Wavefront .obj file, which can be imported to Blender. Sweet!

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One comment on “Dryad: Free Tree Generator

  1. I’ve been using a couple different tree generators for Blender lately, and if you need a lot of trees in the background of a CG shot, that’s definitely the way to go. Tweak some settings, press a button, and Voila! you have a tree. 🙂


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