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We had a lot of trouble with the music for iSundae. First, we had some great music tracks all picked out, only to discover that we would have to pay to use them. Scratch that idea. But a movie must have music! Undaunted, Rebekah went to work on some themes.

I got to hear the new score about a month later. It was great, but there was one problem: Since they used a MIDI keyboard to get the music into the computer, it was all piano. Now, there’s nothing wrong with a piano playing all of your movie score, except, when you’re doing an epic duel sequence, some French Horns are kind of a given.

By now, we were getting pretty used to striding undauntedly into the unknown, so I worked up my courage and launched my favorite music editing application: Apple’s GarageBand.

Alrighty, I have to pause here. I must say a few words about GarageBand. It’s cool, easy to use, and oh so powerful. Thanks a lot, Apple. You helped our movie get made.

Anyway, I have GarageBand up and humming now. Since this was MIDI I could select individual notes of the music and split them out to the different included instruments. To make a long story short, I did a lot of clicking, then deleting, then clicking, then deleting…

A week later, I’d finished a few songs. There was a distinct improvement over the piano only tracks. Still, I’d like to do some more music with a little more time to mess with it. Maybe next movie.

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